Why choose this course?

  • Best practice methods

    The methods covered in this course follow industry best practice and incorporate infection control measures. We stay up to date with the latest products and chemical ranges so you know that your delivering the best cleaning to your customers.

  • Practical guide

    There really is no point learning all the theory if you can't apply it when needed. So we've made sure this course offers a practical approach to all methods and skills.

  • Staff Training

    Few business owners have the time to properly train their staff. This course covers all the cleaning techniques you'll need for your staff to be delivering industry leading cleaning quality in a fraction of the time.

Course curriculum

Over 36 hours of course content

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    Course Overview

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    • Domestic & Commercial Cleaning

    • Hazard Identification and Risk Control

    • Infection Control

    • Manual Handling

    • Personal Safety

    • Personal Protective Equipment Awareness

    • Preventing Slips & Trips in the Workplace

    • Step Ladder Safety Awareness

    • How to Improve Your Physical Health

    • How to Improve Your Mental Health

    • Face to Face Customer Service

    • Oven Cleaning

I am already a competent cleaner, why do I need this course?

Learning the most effective, industry leading cleaning methods can be the difference between delivering good and outstanding cleaning services. This course teaches you the cleaning techniques to excel in domestic and commercial environments.