Why choose this course?

  • UK Employment Law

    Understand your employees rights and how to resolve disputes within the legal framework. This includes benefits, compensation, leave, overtime and best practise.

  • How to Recruit & Retain the Best Staff

    Finding staff is hard, but keeping them is even trickier. This course provides hours of training on the quickest most efficient methods of recruitment.

  • Managing Relationships

    Being nice just sometimes isn’t enough and people walk all over you. Learn how to implement procedures and structures to take the emotional stress out of managing staff.

  • Myers Briggs Theory and Test

    Those that take the time to understand Myers-Briggs theory, gain a deep understanding of how people work together, and can built effective working teams.

  • Health & Safety in the Workplace

    Knowing how to construct proper guidelines, in order to maximise safety and manage employee health is vitally important. An unsafe work environment not only lowers morale but leaves you, as the employer, open to legal prosecution.

Course curriculum

Over 67 hours of course content

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    • UK Employment Law

    • Level 2 Human Resources

    • Hiring Employees

    • Hiring for a Diverse Workforce

    • Employee Motivation

    • Conducting Employee Appraisals

    • Myers–Briggs Theory and Test

    • Equality, Diversity and Discrimination

    • Health & Safety in the Workplace (UK)

    • Absence Management

    • Discipline and Grievance

    • Termination of Employment

    • Sexual Harassment Awareness

Why do we always need an extra person when we are too busy to find them?

Running a good cleaning business is a constant balancing act between finding enough work and having enough staff. If you get this balance right, then your business will grow rapidly. This course will teach you the skills and show you the systems that you need to make recruitment easy and stress free. We’ll give you the documents to use and processes to follow, so you can find the best person to fit the culture and needs of your business.